No-eyed Fish and Frogs From Papua

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No-eyed fish and frogs that carry the eggs on the back are two of the various types of new species discovered in a cave in Papua.

The team of researchers from the Institute of Research and Development (IRD) in Montpellier, France found it in a series of research expeditions in the caves, underground streams until Lengguru wilderness area, the southern region of Papua bird's neck.

"In terms of finding new things, there are many things to be settled in the area, the area is very difficult to access but has an amazing biodiversity," said one scientist from IRD, Laurent Pouyaud, reported by AFP on Friday (26/11 / 2010).

Scientists consisting of biologists, paleontologists and archaeologists trace the study area for seven weeks. The county said the land is a maze of chalk that allows the isolation of species that live experience for millions of years.

Fish that do not have eyes and colorless because they do not have pigmentation (production of the pigment that determines skin color) that is found in one cave is the most amazing discovery. "Fish, to our knowledge, is the first cave fish species found in Papua," said Pauyaud.

While biologists fascinated by the fish without eyes, the archaeologists also captivated by the findings of paintings on cave walls are made of shells fired appliance animals. These findings could be evidence of migration of Asians to Australia about 40,000 years ago.

This study is the first step of a planned project will study the biodiversity of the territory of Indonesia. The research is a collaboration with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries college science.
Pouyaud said, biodiversity in Papua itself now threatened by the planned expansion of plantations and mines.
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Eggs Can Swim Are You Sure..?

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Do not think that picture above is the fried eggs that can become a meal with fried rice. The picture above is a species of jellyfish that had just been born in captivity.

Photographer Torben Webber rush to take the camera and managed to take a picture when it learned of this unique creature is born. Naturally, these jellyfish live in waters of the Mediterranean. They require large amounts of sunlight to survive.

This animal ditangkarkan Basel Zoo in Switzerland, when in fact this species is very difficult to reproduce. One of his staff said, "breed is really a challenge for this species. They are found only in offshore areas are remote and relatively difficult to transport to get there.

"Be we have to create an artificial environment that mimics the natural environment. We provide lighting to illuminate the tank and ensure the availability of abundant food," said the staff is as reported by the Daily Mail on Wednesday (24/11/2010).

Form of the jellyfish-like fried eggs or cow eye is called the medusa. In that phase, the jellyfish can produce eggs that are fertilized in the water and develop into larvae that dwell, called polyps.

When mature, the size of jellyfish that can reach 35 cm. Unlike other jellyfish, the jellyfish moves of this type with the white part of her body with movements menggelombang.

Torben perpetuate the image of this jellyfish on November 4, 2010 and then with a Nikon camera D3S. He commented, "They are beautiful creatures and have an unusual shape."
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The Highest Peak Moon Beyond the Everest

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Moon Highest Peak
Forum for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is NASA's orbiting the moon was successfully demonstrated the highest point in months. The point is the plateau near the crater Engel'gradt which has a diameter of 27 miles. 
 Known, the elevation is 35,360 feet (about 10,000 meters) or approximately 6400 feet (1938 meters) higher than Everest.

LRO has a tool capable of firing a laser beam that measures the height of the lunar surface. Data from this LRO compared with the moon's surface stereo images taken on August 12, 2010. The way it enables scientists to precisely measure the height and the coordinates of the highest point in this month.

Altitude are found in this observation is calculated relative to the average height of the lunar surface. The way it is because scientists do not have a reference to determine the altitude of the moon, not like measuring height on Earth which depends on the sea surface.

In contrast to the geological setting of Everest that took tens of millions of years, the highest place in this month is expected to form in just minutes. This place is formed as a result of asteroid strikes the moon's south pole about 4 billion years ago.
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Mysterious Squidworm From Sulawesi Island

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-Mysterious Squidworm From Sulawesi Island-

Scientists recently discovereda mysterious creature in the depths of the waters between Sulawesi and the Philippines. The creature has a body that resembles a worm and squid that scientists call it squidworm squid or worms. Size of mysterious creature that approximately 9.4 centimeters.

Worms squid has ten tentacles long, burst from his head. In addition, he also has six so-called nuchal organ. These organs enable it to taste and smell something in the water.

Mysterious creature was found by three marine biologists led by Karen Osborn from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California. They found the new species after conducting exploration in the Celebes Sea at a depth of 2.8 kilometers using cruisers controlled remotely.

"I'm very excited. The animal was very tempting because it is very different from the characteristics of animals that have been described previously. These animals have the head is fantastic," said Osborn.

Worms squid found by the scientists are living at a depth of 100-200 meters above the sea floor. It is known depth range is a region rich in species that have not been identified.

"When I was exploring the area, I estimate there are more than half the number of animals we see an unidentified species," said Osborn.

Squid newly discovered worms were given the scientific name Teuthidodrilus samae. The species is said to be not a predator. They eat a mixture of micro marine plants and animals that drowned in the depths.

Celebes Sea where this species is found is a region isolated from the surrounding waters. In addition, the region including in conservation areas that have diverse forms of life and the unique geological history. Worms squid found in the region is not only a new species. The properties of squid worms are very different from other forms of life so that not only requires the name of the new species, but also a new genus, taxonomic level above species. The results of this study published in the journal Biology Letters recently.
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Bromo Heritage Ancient Mountain

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Based on historical records, ancient mountain was not just a monopoly of Lake Toba. One of the other ancient volcano has a caldera that we know as sand Tengger caldera.

Caldera is the center of the explosion that more than 2 kilometers in diameter, while the crater is the center of the eruption of a diameter less than 2 kilometers.

According to the Head subfields Volcano Observation Center Directorate of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation Geology Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Agus Budianto, when contacted from Jakarta on Wednesday (11/24/2010), Mount Bromo in East Java is the mountain that appears due to the activity of Mount Bromo ancient in the past. Not yet clear how many tens of thousands of years ago these ancient volcano erupted.

"Kalderanya is the caldera of sand that we know today. In the vicinity of the caldera area of sand and then emerged a few mountains in addition to Mount Bromo, among them is Mount Batok and Mount Widodaren. Caldera model like this is very common in Indonesia. This comes from a huge mountain, megavulkano. In addition to Bromo caldera and the caldera of Lake Toba, also there is the caldera of Krakatoa which gave birth to Mount Anak Krakatau, which gave birth to the caldera of Mount Batur Batur existing child, and caldera Maninjau to Mount Maninjau, "said Agus.

Lake Toba Caldera, which erupted about 70,000 years ago, according to him is the result of volcano activity and tectonic activity.

Of note is the Chronicle Ngayogyakarta, Mount Bromo erupted on December 28, 1822 and only stopped in January 1823. In the 1822 eruption of Mount Merapi as well (Kompas Yogyakarta, 19/11), Mount Slamet (Central Java), Mount Kelud (East Java), and Thunder Mountain (West Java). In the same year five mountain erupted.

Erupted in the year together

While based on the Basic Data book published in 1979 Indonesian volcano, Mount Bromo recorded eruption in 1822 along with the Mount Merapi, Mount Galunggung, and Mount Lamongan. Book catalog reference Indonesian volcanoes with eruptions in historical time is compiled from various references that existed since the colonial era.

Based on data in the book, Mount Bromo has erupted 43 times-plus the eruption in 2004. However, the site mentions has erupted 50 times since 1775. Notes of the Basic Data Volcano Indonesia, is the oldest eruption in 1804.

According to Neumann van Padang (Indonesia Volcano Data Base, 1979) in the sand caldera of Tengger Mountains there are seven centers of eruption in the two paths cross, one on the east-west direction and the other line northeast-southwest. Mount Bromo is in the axis northeast-southwest.

This mountain is the only one still active volcano of Mount Bromo Ancient heritage. The crater in the east-west lines reached 600 meters, while the crater in the north-south diameter of 800 meters. A railroad show, moving in the direction of eruption centers north. In March 1983 formed a lake in the crater.
In history, the eruption of Mount Bromo no lava flow. Abu vulkaniknya been recorded damaging plantations surrounding the eruption that occurred in 1915 and 1948. Longest eruption occurred in 1842, namely on 24 January to June.
From the same site written last eruption occurred on June 8, 2004 and actually ended on June 9, 2004. Major eruption occurred only about 20 minutes. The eruption is freatik, forming a column of ash up to 3,000 meters altitude above the lip of the crater. Material ejected ash and gravel up to a radius of 300 meters (compared with Merapi ash that can be spread through the clouds heat up more than 4 kilometers).
The data contained on the website of the Scientific Group of Geodesy Faculty of Science and Technology Earth ITB about Bromo Volcano Deformation Monitoring with GPS, type-A volcano is the youngest volcano in the area of the caldera Tengger, namely Mount Widodaren, Chair, Segorowedi, and Shell.

Tengger Caldera itself in the site mentioned measuring 9 km x 10 km, surrounded by steep cliffs with a height of between 50 meters and 500 meters. Mountain range in the caldera of Mount Tengger volcanic rock surrounded by ancient-called by Agus as Mount Bromo Antique.

And now, the caldera of sand covered for any activity. In fact, at the Bromo "rest", caldera, particularly on weekends, will be packed with tourists in the country and abroad. They are willing to berdingin-dawn cold to enjoy the first that can be witnessed from the edge of the caldera. A beauty of the mute. (ARI)
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Salman and Trout Can Change Size

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Animals and humans can in crease the weight and more fat and take care of depednent intake of food consumed. 

However, what occurred in your head when there are animals whose body was shortened and elongated according to the season. There are fish that like you know it.

Rare phenomenon was the subject of researchers from Finland and Norway are the results of research published in the journal Functional Ecology. This is a resea rcher from the two countries, also the phenomenon of downsizing the first body was found in fish.

The researchers said the reduction took place during the winter. They describe, reduction or shrink age in body size was triggered by a condition called anroexia over the winter, a time when the fish ap petite dropped dramatically when the winter.

To arrive at these conclusions, the research team led by Ari Huusko from the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute in Paltamo experimenting with salmonid groups, such as salmon and trout. The researchers create a pool of experiments that have been designed in such a way as to have conditions like winter in subtropical areas.

"We were faced with un expected facts and has never been documented before. Fish actually shrink in winter condition. Young salmon showed a significant reduction in body size, as much as 10 percent of the length of his body," the researchers said in its publications.

Re searchers do not know the exact biological mechanisms that lead to the downsizing of the body. However, researchers speculate that it is associated with diminished fluid, such as gel, contained in the spine which triggers the body size reduction. (HERMAWAN)
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Effect Eruption of Mount Toba Not Severe

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Giant eruption of Mount Toba 74,000 years ago happened sparked debate among scientists. The debate mainly revolved around the effects of the eruption of the volcano.

Previous studies on the eruption of Mount Toba said that 74,000 years ago that led to darkening skies and lower temperatures by 10 degrees Celsius for half a decade. Anthropologists also said the eruption was also affecting the process of human evolution, causing a phenomenon called genetic bottleneck, a condition when the population of certain species killed or inhibited the reproduction.

However, studies conducted by some scientists later said that the effects of the Toba eruption is not as bad as expected. Based on research results volcano Stephen Self Open University in Milton Keynes, England, and Michael Rampino paleobiology expert from New York University, USA, for example, decreasing the temperature of the earth is only between 3 and 5 degrees celsius.

Anthropological research by Michael Petraglia of the University of Oxford UK also mentions the controversial results. Results from studies based on the condition of one of the archaeological sites in India, it mentions that the humans who live near Mount Toba in fact able to survive and survive more easily.

Recently, an expert on climate modeler from the Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany, Claudia Timmreck, conducted a study to see again the effects of the Toba eruption. He created a climate model that is said to resemble climatic conditions after the eruption of Toba in those days. The study focuses on aerosol sulfate particles formed from sulfur dioxide gas, the particles that cause the reflection of sunlight, causing temperatures cooling the Earth.

Based on research data, it is known that the Mount Toba out 850 million metric tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. The study also concluded that the effects of the eruption of Mount Toba is not as bad as expected so far. Decrease the temperature of the Earth, for example, only between 3 and 5 degrees celsius globally. Extreme temperature changes occur only in Africa and India for two years, with the temperature reduced to 10 degrees celsius in the first year and 5 degrees Celsius in the second year.

The results, published in Geophysical Research Letters latest edition November also showed that the accumulation of sulfur particles in the air also will disappear in a few years. F also said that the eruption was not until the finish of the population of flora and fauna there. However, the incident made many life processes are recognized to be difficult.

Responding to these findings, Petraglia agree that the effects of the Toba eruption is bad. However, its impact on humans is not so serious. "The population (men) survived, but face poor environmental conditions for several years," he said. He also said, needs to be done also observation field as the advanced stage of research.

Meanwhile, Stanley Ambrose of the University of Illinois who agree with the occurrence of the phenomenon of genetic bottleneck Timmreck said that the study has weaknesses. For one thing, researchers started research with modern climate conditions, not simulate climatic conditions 74,000 years ago. (HERMAWAN)
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New Squid From Indian Ocean

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Scientists discover new species of squid in the Indian Ocean. The discovery was reported by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, on Monday (11/15/2010). The species is included in the family Chiroteuthid.

Species that are found to have a size of about 70 cm long has an organ that is able to emit light to scare the prey. According to the IUCN report, the species found at the bottom of a steep sea.

So far, it has been found in 70 species of squid in the expedition. All squid species that represent 20 percent of species of squid in the world.

"During these 10 days, scientists working with a microscope to identify various types of fish, squid and other interesting sea creatures," said Alex Rogers, a marine biologist from the Zoological Society of London.

Carl Gustaf Lundin, Head of IUCN Global Marine Programme, said that the discovery of new species will not only satisfy the scientists who worked in the field. "This study is also useful for ecosystem management in the Indian Ocean and in the global marine ecosystem."

The discovery of squid species were part of a research expedition aboard the research last year sailed the Indian Ocean to collect 7000 samples of living creatures from the depths of 1,200 meters.
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Limosoa Survivors From Tsunami Ferociously

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Hundreds of people become victims of the tsunami that swept the Mentawai Islands region recently. Residents who are victims generally fail to save themselves or even do not get early warning of the arrival of the giant waves according to the analysis, the high expected to reach 14 meters.

However, there is a hamlet in the Mentawai which turned out to all its citizens safe from disaster. Indeed, not many residents of the village. There are only seven houses there. However, the success of all the villagers to save themselves should be a study to deal with the threat of tsunamis in the future.

"Residents in the hamlet of South Pagai Limosoa in the region entirely safe even though the houses were all destroyed. There were no fatalities in the village," said Dr. Danny Hilman, geologists from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in a press conference held in Building Council Consideration of the President, on Friday (19/11/2010).

Danny said that education about earthquakes and their potential spread is very important in society. The residents are safe thanks to the understanding of earthquakes. In the village, there was a good transfer of knowledge between the children and the elderly. Children who have good understanding of the earthquake from the school notify the parents.

"Parents know about the earthquake instead of her children. In the meantime, his own children to get education from the school," said Hilman. Thus, when an earthquake is felt, the whole population to rush to escape to higher ground in anticipation of a tsunami.

What happened in this village, according to Danny, could be a good example for other regions. From this experience, he said that education about the earthquake and tsunami has become paramount. Good understanding of the earthquake and tsunami capable of rescuing people from disasters.
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Slow Earthquake Causes Tsunami 14 Meters

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The team of researchers from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in collaboration with research institutes in Singapore and the U.S. finds startling facts about the tsunami in the Mentawai. They just got back from the Mentawai associated with post-tsunami research mission that aims to detect tsunami wave length and wave height.

"The earthquake which occurred slowly and long enough it can cause tsunami waves with a length of 8 meters and wave height of 14 meters," said Dr. Danny Hilman, geologists LIPI in a press conference held at the Building Advisory Council President, Jakarta, Friday (19/11 / 2010). Also attending the press conference researcher Hermann Fritz and Jose Borrero of the United States.

Danny said that the tsunami waves generated by earthquakes in the Mentawai somewhat higher. Tsunami wave itself tends to lead to the south so many areas that were swept. Meanwhile, the tsunami wave height in the north itself is only 5 to 6 meters.

Jose Borrero claimed to be surprised by the discovery that the tsunami height. He does not think that earthquakes are not so perceived people around it can cause a tsunami is very high.

Slow earthquake

The quake was a slow earthquake (earthquake quake lambatatau swing), as happened several years ago and cause a tsunami in Pangandaran. In his research, he also explained that when the community was experiencing confusion with the earthquake that occurred.

"People (Mentawai) was also confused because the earthquake was much less pronounced but why happened in a long time," said Borrero continued his statement. Confusion is what causes people doubt whether to save themselves or not. Finally, the confusion that lead to casualties that BESA so quake followed by tsunami. According to him, the tsunami that killed nearly 40 percent of the Mentawai.

After the earthquake occurred a few moments, the Mentawai people actually began to stand and save themselves. "After hearing the roar of the tsunami that disclosed such as jet aircraft, new residents fled to the hills, but too late," said Danny.

Borrero said, the people of Java and Sumatra was already aware of the earthquake and possible tsunami. But perhaps, slow earthquake is still a new phenomenon for the Mentawai people, although not new in Indonesia and the real world.

In order for these events do not recur, people need to get a pen getahuan about when to save themselves. "If an earthquake occurs in the duration of 30 seconds must have his strength was reached 7 on the Richter scale (SR). If it's more than one minute would have reached 8 on the Richter scale (SR). At that time, people had to flee or be evacuated," he continued.

According to him, the community must begin to recognize and alert. However, people should not fear the quake and tsunami, but people just have to understand it and beware. Beware!
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Oldest Embryos Dinosaur Fossil

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Palaentolog has identified the oldest dinosaur embryos from a species that lived approximately 190 million years ago. Embryos are included on subbangsa dinosaur eggs called Massospondylus. 

This type is a member of a group of dinosaurs called prosauropods, the ancestors of the true sauropods, which has four big feet and long neck.

In fact, eggs have been found in South Africa since 1976, but only identified recently. The result of his own research published in the Journal of Vertebrate Palentology recently. In his research, the researchers succeeded in identifying the early development of the embryonic type of dinosaur.

Using the study of embryonic development, the researchers were able to estimate the shape of dinosaurs that when born. Through analysis, researchers say that the embryo is found it's actually about to be born. But because its mother died, she did not have the chance of birth.

Interestingly, the characteristics of the embryo is different from an adult dinosaur. When born, dinosaur species would have a longer front legs so that required him to walk on four legs, unlike the adult figure that walked on two legs. Head of the embryo also appeared out of proportion because it is too large when compared to their bodies. Though the figure of an adult has a relatively small head and long neck. Dinosaurs it seems to change with increasing age.

Ressz and Dr. Diane Scott, his assistant who was involved in the research, spend a few months to prepare the specimens. "The material is very fragile. It is very difficult to do and there is a risk of damage to the embryonic material is very old," said Dr Resiz on the BBC website. "The specimen is the oldest specimen owned and never touched by all the staff of the University of the Witwatersrand until we were interested in doing," said Reisz.

In his research note, they predict that when born, the embryo that will require care and protection of parents (parental care), just like humans. If the allegation is true, then this animal is an example of the oldest animal in need of parental care and protection.
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Fastest Missile Indian Production

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India, a country which is known by film and dance, was also reliable in the defense industry. This country is able to create a missile that can beat other missile-production missiles developed countries.

"BrahMos missiles, the name of our production missiles. Advantage, our missile is the world's fastest supersonic missiles at once with high accuracy. The speed can reach 1km/detik," said Praveen Pathak, Addl GM (Marketing Promotion) BrahMos Aerospace, a company that produces this missile in Indo Defence 2010 exhibition at Jakarta Fair on Friday (11/12/2010).

Compared with subsonic missiles being marketed today, Indian-made missile was able to move more quickly 3 times. In addition, mileage can be achieved also can reach 2.5 - 3 times higher than subsonic missiles. And most importantly, power destroyed this missile could reach 9 times more than the popular world of subsonic missiles.

Pathak said, "Another advantage of this missile is its ability to be installed anywhere, from helicopters, planes, ships to submarines." In addition, missile control system capable of undertaking Salvo Firing or firing simultaneously, the target assignment or assignments and make sure the target group of targets both on land and at sea. Salvo on 9 projectile can penetrate and destroy the enemy ship group made up of three frigates with anti-missile defense modern.

The missiles to be launched is installed in the cutter tool. The missile will be delivered complete with the driving force in the Transportation and launch Conister (TLC). Modified version of its air missiles that have a lighter weight but stronger during the launch process.

According to Pathak, the fastest missile production cost is inexpensive when viewed in the long term. "The price of missiles in the first place may not be much different with another missile. But, this missile maintenance cost is much cheaper. You only need maintenance during the missile once in three years, unlike other missiles which require continuous care," said Pathak.

BrahMos Aerospace which manufactures missile itself is a joint venture between Russia and India. However, the development of technology, production processes, labor damn where production originated and carried out in India.

"We chose Russia because they have experience in the matter of the engine, while we have experience in the matter of the system so that we will be able to produce missiles of the most good," said Pathak. Joint Venture itself was started in 1998 and in 2005 succeeded in launching this product.

In general, the missile is superior because a far distance, the bullet curved line width, equipped with anti-defense warships as well as the kinetic energy attached to that help power the ship is damaged.
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Panzer "Anoa" Made by Pindad More Intense

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Indo Defense 2010 Exhibition utilized PT Pindad to showcase new products. One of the newest products are APC Anoa V2 6 x 6 which is the latest version of their armored production.

APC Anoa V2 6 x 6 or Armored personnel carriers Anoa V2 6 x 6 is slightly different from previous versions. Sukidi Amd, Assistant Engineering Manager PT Pindad (Persero), Friday (11/12/2010), reveals, "Panzer has several modifications that make it more advanced and convenient than previous versions." He said one of its advantages is the main hole located at the top. Sections were made more rounded and convex in order to maximize the defense function so that when shot, the bullet will bounce.

Another plus is on the side and front protective glass. "Previously, the protective glass and the front side should be opened and closed from the outside. It was difficult. Now, the protective glass and the front side can be opened and closed from the inside," said Sukidi. By operating the side of the protective glass, in addition to more convenient, it also minimizes the risk.

Sukidi explained, the main advantages Anoa V2 is the navigation system. "Anoa V2 has a Remote Control Weapon System that allows the operation of the weapon using a joystick. So, like playing games," he explained. The system was to improve the weaknesses Anoa previous versions which require the operation of weapons manually. It was very easy task according to the army.

Conversely, systems that used only to support the operation automatically now equipped with manual operation capability without eliminating automatic. "Ramdoor which is on the back Anoa also made the manual operation of the system so that when the automated system was damaged, ramdoor still works," said Sukidi. The interior of the Anoa V2 also different from the previous version which consisted of seats can be folded.

Anoa V2 is capable of loading 13 crew, has a length and width of 6000 x 2500 mm and equipped with special equipment, such as GPS and NVG. Communication system using VHF and HF Intercomset System. Meanwhile, the weapon system using a Smoke Shield caliber Armanents 66 mm and 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm. Power versus weight ratio is 22.85 HP, maximum speed 80 km / h, and 9.5-meter turn radius. The engine is 6 cylinder in line with cooled turbocharger and helpless in 320 HP.

Sukidi explained, recently began Anoa V2 was developed about two months ago. "Some time before this Indo Defense starts, Anoa V2 recently completed and sent directly," he said. Currently, that can be enjoyed in Indo Defense Exhibition 2010 is the prototype of the product. With this specification, Anoa V2 marketed especially for the Indonesian National Army. Besides Anoa V2, Pindad also showed off three new armored products, namely Police Panzer, Panzer Canon, and Panzer Mortar.
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Cheap Technology Vessel Monitoring

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Indo Defence 2010 exhibition held from 10 to 13 November 2010 at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. One of the local participants who showcased their products are PT Imani Prima vessel monitoring programs that showcase named Aissat Prime.

The program monitors the ship was used to monitor the presence of ships in a region. "With this program, we can monitor where the ship is located, name of ship, boat serial number, flag state ships and ship speed. So to say this program is better able to monitor more detail than radar," said Firdaus Adinugraha, Imani Prima staff.

Aissat Prime consists of three types of products, namely prime port, sat on a prime, and M2 Prime. The port used to serve the needs of prime and basic data for free, sat on a prime minister needs a more detailed data and paid time while m2 is used to serve the needs of special data request.

"This technology is actually the utilization of technology AIS or Automatic Identification System which is owned by every ship," said Eden. Technology allows each vessel to transmit the data to other ships and satellites to transmit data to its existence.

With Prime Aissat technology, these data are processed and displayed on the consumers with more communicative. "The data item that was used programming language. Well, with this technology the data is made to be more communicative," said paradise.

Today, Prime Aissat technology that has been applied widely is Port Prime. Data data processed by these technologies have been exploited by the Indonesian Maritime Security Coordinating Board and even the Chinese used to detect the hijacking of a ship.

Application teknoloigi Port Prime begins with the installation of the antenna and sending data at the port. "Antennae itself is relatively inexpensive, can be purchased at Glodok even. Meanwhile, the process of sending data to a server in Jakarta is done with the technology available in the area. If for example a GPRS, yes that's what we use," said Eden.

Until now, the installation of assistive technologies Prime Port has been available in some areas in Indonesia and abroad. "There are 12 regions in Indonesia and abroad in Greece, China, and Singapore," said Eden. Monitoring point in the east Inbdonesia already in Bali and Sulawesi.

Firdaus said the relatively inexpensive technology that can actually be useful is great. "For example we want to detect a ship accident, we can also use this technology, provided that the ship has AIS technology. Currently, AIS technology is required on all ships," said Eden. According to him, China was bahkab never use this technology to detect sea vessel that was hijacked, and succeeded.

Currently, he wanted to develop its products to the Port Prime Jayapura. Meanwhile, others such as the M2 version of Prime and Prime Sun is also still being developed. To Sat Prime, he worked with Orbcomm International for the provision of satellite data. Until now, he masihb trying to offer their products can be used for the Navy.
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Last Eagle Crested at Ngrangkah

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Two tail "Crested Eagle" in Hamlet Ngrangkah, Umbulharjo, Sleman, Yogyakarta Special Region, on Sunday (24/10/2010)-two days before the first eruption of Mount Merapi-goods last time a eagle Crested observed Lim Wen Sin.

Massive eruption of Merapi was certainly destroyed thousands of hectares of forest and gardens of the people, which is also habitat for birds on the slopes of Merapi. In addition to Crested hawk, vegetation on the south side of Merapi is also home to rare birds of Java-the-eagle before the eruption amounted to less than 10 cows.

Ngrangkah Hamlet is one of the hamlet with the greatest damage. Some citizens were killed in the first eruption. Hamlet is Hamlet Kinahrejo neighbor, caretaker residence hamlet Merapi, Mbah Maridjan.
"Not only bird raptor species (the predator), other birds ascertained also spread to various other locations, away from Merapi," said Lim, birdwatching activist in Indonesia Raptor Club. In addition to spread, it is quite possible some of them die, like the report fellow bird watchers see Javan hawk-eagle dying around the Ground.

Birds such as orioles and Srigunting that prey on insects to be highly affected families. Even if many birds survived, we can be sure the future of dozens of bird species on the slopes of Merapi threatened.

The eruption of Merapi, which burned the vegetation and slope ecosystems has a direct impact on the availability of various types of feed in the wild. If anything, other than limited, quality bird feed, such as insects, snakes, fruits, or plants, confirmed contaminated volcanic ash.

Actually, hope a lot of birds on the slopes of Merapi, survivors are still there. Some reports mention the existence of a local group of birds that migrate a few days before Merapi erupted.

In fact, one day after the eruption, a number of other birds of prey were observed to shift to a grove of trees in the hamlet Kepuharjo, on the south and east Kinahrejo. Post-eruption of the second, Friday (11/5/2010) early days, the presence of migratory birds was not observed locally anymore.

Merbabu slope region and Sindoro-Cleft in Central Java allegedly become the next local migration destination. "That will happen during any form of vegetation corridors connecting," said Lim. Even managed to arrive at a new place, competitions feed into the problem continued. In nature, he is strong who survive.

In the food chain, Javan hawk-eagle and other birds of prey, such as Crested hawk, is a top predator. However, both predators and prey there was no difference in the "eye" of Merapi. And, the birds were forced to fly somewhere.
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Solar Panel on Space, Is it Possible?

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Finding the solution of energy crisis now facing, a new plan triggered the use of solar power. With the new plan, direct sunlight will be collected in space using satellites and eventually fired directly into the earth to be used.

The initiative is the plan came from former Indian President APJ Kalam and the National Space Society (NSS). The plan was disclosed on Thursday, November 4th ago.

"The collection of space-based solar power will transform the earth into a clean planet, promising and happy," Kalam said while attending the press conference that plan.

The plan itself in detail is launching a satellite that has a large solar panel. The satellite will collect solar energy in large quantities and then convert it into microwaves that will be emitted into the earth. microwaves that then is converted into electrical energy by the receiving antenna is called rectenna.

Space-based solar panels that can be directed to various regions of the earth and not be affected by changes in weather and change of day and night. It is said by Mark Hopkins, chairman of the National Space Society's executive committee.

Hopkins also said the technology is able to transmit large amounts of energy without endangering the environment. "This technology does not produce carbon dioxide. So it is very clean and is a renewable energy source," he said.

Although very promising, the development of this technology is still facing technical constraints. However, kalam continue to believe that this idea can still be realized in the next 15 years. He will try to persuade the G8 countries and the G13 to join and implement the idea.

Arcing plan marks a joint United States, represented by the Indian NSS. The originator of the idea of trust, the execution of this plan is not only beneficial in terms of energy. "This collaboration will also create jobs in both countries," said Hopkins.

In this cooperation, the United States will contribute in starter technology while India will play a role in spearheading the production costs are cheap.
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Forbidden Statue Period Nazi Discovered

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Treasure trove of statues forbidden in the Nazi era discovered in the basement of a demolished building was bombed during World War II. German museum officials announced the discovery on Monday (8/11/2010) ago.

Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, said pleased with the discovery. The plan, the sculptures will be exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Berlin, located only 1 kilometer from the place of discovery.

"We should be proud of this invention. Questions about the owner of the statues were relatively unimportant," said Wowereit.

Eight of the 11 statues found have been identified as the work of an artist named Otto Baum, Otto Freundlich, Karl Knappe, Marg Moll, Emy Roeder, Edwin Scharff, Gustav Heinrich Wolff, and Naum Slutzky. Meanwhile, three other statues have not been identified.

In the Nazi period, this statue is believed to be part of one of the museums in Germany. The statues were then seized and exhibited by the Nazis in Munich and other cities as degenerated art or art that deserves ridicule cheap.

Archaeologists discover statues when they were trying to find the remains of collapsed buildings of the 13th century. "When we found him, we thought we had found the remains of the 13th century. However, we found items that this art is called degenerated. Shocked," said Mathias Wemhoff, archaeologist and director of the history museum in Berlin.

Experts suspect that the statues are a few things that are saved by Erhard Oewerdieck, a tax inspector who was given the task by the Holocaust museum Yad Vashem for saving Jews during World War II.
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Guide Cleaning Volcanic Ash

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Currently, Mount Merapi may still show activity, but it subsided, it's time to clean house and volcanic ash on the environment. Before cleaning, there are some things that must be addressed. Do not indiscriminate because the volcanic ash contains elements that are harmful to the body and the environment.

Here is a guide to clean volcanic ash in various places around your home. Guide information obtained under the International Volcanic Health Hazard Network (IVHHN).

Things to do in cleaning the ash out of the room:
1. Plan a day to community service cleaning the ash with neighbors or your community. Remember, coordination should be done.
2. Try to coordinate with certain agencies about how volcanic ash disposal.
3. Always wear a dust mask. If there is, wear a mask IVHHN recommended.
4. Wear sunglasses to protect eyes from volcanic ash. Do not wear contact lenses.
5. Dampen ash in advance with the splash before acquiring them with a shovel. However, do not add too much water.
6. Do not wipe dry ash. Abu-swept can be mixed with air that can be harmful if inhaled.
7. Collect the ashes in a plastic bag that is strong enough. If there is a container truck, collect directly to the truck.
8. Volcanic ash makes a slippery surface. Be careful when cleaning ash in the ladder or roof.
9. Avoid throwing ashes into the gutters, sewers, water lines, or park. Ash can clog the water channels.
10. If the ashes are also found in the gutter or channel of water, then wipe.
11. Do not mix the volcanic ash with other wastes. Volcanic ash can damage the garbage trucks that bring your trash.
12. Change clothes that have been used to clean the ash before re-entering the house.

This must be done to clean up the volcanic ash in the room
1. Make sure the outside of the room is cleared before starting the clean the inside of the room.
2. Ensure good ventilation by opening all doors and windows before you start cleaning.
3. Use one of the entrances to avoid contamination in the area had been cleaned.
4. Do not forget to keep using the mask.
5. No need to get children and pets during the clean up of volcanic ash. Put them in a safe place.
6. Moisten the ash had stuck to the floor. After that collect in a plastic bag that is strong enough.

7. If you want clean clothes and curtains, first suction vacuum cleaner with volcanic ash. After that, wash with regular detergent without rubbing too hard. Scrubbing will damage the fabric because of sharp volcanic ash particles.

8. Clean clothes bit by bit with enough water. Washing clothes takes a lot of detergent.

9. If you want to clean surfaces made of glass, porcelain, enamel, and acrylic surfaces, use a sponge or cloth that has been moistened with detergent water mixture. Avoid rubbing, just wipe with a way of greasing. Rubbing makes it scratched the surface.

10. If you want to clean the surface of polished wood, used to suck dust with a vacuum cleaner. After that, clean with a damp cloth with a way of greasing.

11. If you want to clean the floor, first wet the ashes and collect the ashes into a plastic bag that is strong enough. After that, mop with a clean cloth and wet.

12. If you want to clean electronic equipment, turning off the electricity supply to the appliance. After that, clean with a vacuum cleaner.

13. Do not use a fan brush and floor sweeper for cleaning. It can make the ash into the air.

14. A few months after cleaning, air conditioners and filters should be treated. Always so clean the stove and refrigerator, particularly in the airways.

15. Wash cloth used to wash the goods under running water. Do not be rubbed or scrubbed.
16. Clean room several times a day if the weather is hot.
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UGM Make Burger for Cow Victims Merapi

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The research team Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Gadjah Mada University has developed a "burger" feed cattle owned by residents of Mount Merapi eruption victims in Yogyakarta and Central Java.

"Burger feed cows to cope with the threat of shortage of fodder. Tens of thousands of cattle in Yogyakarta and Central Java who were evacuated from the disaster the current eruption of Merapi threatened shortage of feed," said team coordinator, Ali Agus, in Yogyakarta, on Thursday (11/11/2010) .

According to him, feed the cow burger is a mixture of various ingredients are mixed so that sufficient nutrients and do not need additional livestock feed ingredients include forages except drinking water.

"Burger cow feed made with raw materials as much as 70 percent of rice straw, wheat bran or wheat pollard (20 percent), molasses and microbial solution (10 percent) to assist the fermentation process," he said.
He said the selection of main feed ingredients derived from rice straw because the price is still relatively cheap and easily available to victims of cattle Merapi.

In fact, for the process of fermentation only lasts 24 hours so it is relatively fast when compared with silage forage feed production technology that takes three weeks.

According to him, the fermentation process "burger" or "complete feed" feed the cow will be successful is marked with a fragrant aroma and texture has not changed or remained the same as the original and does not arise mushrooms.

Manufacturing techniques are also quite easy. After the rice straw and wheat pollard material mixed evenly and then molasses (molasses sugar cane) that has been mixed with microbial solution is splashed on it evenly.
"Furthermore, these compounds included the size of 25-30 kilograms of plastic and tightly bound. Food that can be stored up to six months," he said.

He said, "burger" is a solution to overcome the shortage of cattle feed threat Merapi disaster victims. Moreover, to meet food needs is not easy.

To meet the needs of 65,000 cattle forage minimum required 1300 tons per day if each tail requires an average of 20 pounds per cow per day.

"Similarly, for the needs of feed concentrates, if every cow on average five kilograms per head per day, it is necessary to concentrate as much as 325 tons per day," he said.

According to him, "burger" that cow feed has been distributed around two tonnes of dairy cows to shelter locations in the field Tlogoadi, Mlati, Sleman. Based on observation, the cow like animal feed.

"We are optimistic that if the technology will be adopted to reduce the problem of food insecurity during the crisis of Merapi. Every day now produced about two tons of burgers," he said.

He said the fast food production could be increased significantly. Steps that need to be done is to transfer technology to the farmers and the manufacturing process can be done at a location close to shelter livestock.
"It could give ranchers activity which is also displaced so as not saturated in the evacuation," he said.
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Whale Skin Can Burned

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Not only that human skin can sunburn. Whale skin can also experience it.

Scientists from the Zoological Society of London recently discovered this fact after doing research on several types of whales found in the Gulf of California. They took samples, collect high-resolution photographs, and examine the microscopic structure of sperm whales, gray whales fin and blue whales.

The results showed, nearly every sample of whale skin have skin cells that sunburn, even in the deepest layer of skin. It shows that the damage is quite severe. The researchers suspected, it burns on whales associated with damage to ozone layer that occurred.

Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse, molecular epidemiology experts from the Zoological Society of London who are involved in the research, said such damage could easily occur because the whales do not have the means of protection. "Whales do not have hair, fine hair, or feathers to protect the body from sun exposure," he said when interviewed by Discovery.

In addition, Whitehouse also said, "Other animals have a certain behavior to protect, for example hiding. However, the pope can not do that." The pope must swim to the surface to get oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the body. That's what triggered burns on whales, "he explained.

So far, scientists have only found two ways of adaptation to the pope, namely increasing the production of pigment and apoptosis or programmed cell death skin to remove damaged cells. However, researchers do not know whether how adaptation can still protect whales from burns. Because ozone is expected to more severe damage in the next few years.

Whitehouse believes there are still ways to save the whales. "I believe we are able to do many things to reduce skin damage caused by exposure to sunlight whales. We must reduce the triggers, such as by reducing pollution," he said. Pollution reduction is very useful so as to prevent increased damage to the ozone layer.

The results of this study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B recently.
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Masato Iguchi Measure the Volume of Magma Merapi

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Measuring the volume of magma Merapi volcano, said Masato Iguchi, as its main his program. He said when monitoring Merapi activity together with the head of BPPTK Surono, at Office of BPPTK Yogyakarta on Wednesday (10/11/2010).

"How much magma is left to be the most important programs. We do not know how many volumes now," Iguchi said. He visited Indonesia to investigate the current activity of Merapi, which according to some circles of the ordinary.

He will work with referrals from Surono and a number of other experts. It is said Surono, the presence of foreign experts not because of local human resources are not capable, but because of Merapi is a natural laboratory that is open to all researchers.

"This is not because it is not capable, but because of Merapi is a natural laboratory, which every expert can examine it," said Surono.
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What is Merapi Lava Dome ?

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Magma with high density and viscosity when the exit to the surface will experience a cooling which then settle and accumulate in the crater to form a mound of lava dome. If the growing lava dome exceeds specific limits related to the strength, thickness, and slope and by the force of gravity, then the dome will collapse to produce pyroclastic avalanches.

Lava dome has an important role in the process of eruption, which are the hallmark of Merapi, which is a lava dome growth and destruction. Lava dome can be observed visually. An important parameter to be monitored in general is the morphology, volume, and the topographical location of dome growth.

Before the technique of photography was invented, the dome observation analysis is done through hand sketches. Once the camera photography with film discovered and developed, gradually shifting the role of the sketch.

In the current era, the development of digital photography technology helps the analysis process more accurate observation dome. Satellite photos, the cost is very expensive, sometimes very necessary as a comparison of photographs taken from the earth's surface.

Basic information Merapi

Geographic Location: Java, Central Java and Yogyakarta. Type: stratovolcano Dimensions (approximate): Diameter 28 km, the area of 300-400 km2, volume 150 km3 highest point (WGS-84): Garuda Peak 2987 meters, the coordinates of 7 "32'25 .39 S 110" 26'49 .02 "E

Geodinamika Context: Convergence of the Indo-Australian Plate with the Asian continental plates.

Petrology: basaltic-andesitic magma type. Eruption dynamics: leleran lava dome formation, there was hot clouds, and occasionally explosive. (Source: BPPTK Yogyakarta).
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Strange Lizard Species Found in Restaurant

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Finding a unique species in the jungle may have been normal. But, what if the species was discovered in a restaurant?

Father and son pair who are both researchers reptiles, and Jesse Lee Grismer Grismer, successfully identified a new species of lizard found in a restaurant in Vietnam. Lizard is a female and able to reproduce asexually, aka can breed without mating.

Name of lizard species found were Leiolepis ngovantrii. Actually, this is not the first time lizard species had been encountered. "The people of Vietnam have been making daily food. The diner also has made it one of the dishes that are sold," said Lee, who became a reptile expert at La Sierra University in Riverside, California.

The research began when fellow Lee, Ngo Van Tri, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, see the lizard species in the diner. He feels there are discrepancies in these lizards because they all have the same color. He then photographed and mengrimkan photo to Lee.

Lee then came to Ho Chi Min City with Jesse. Having had run out of stock when looking at a diner, a father and son eventually managed to collect more than 70 lizards. They identify it and finally found the fact that all species of lizards were female.

Lizard species that reproduce all of these female parthenogenesis. With the reproductive system, the lizard is able to release her eggs are already cooked and "merge" with another egg that she production. The combination of two egg cells that form a new individual.

Lee said he found the lizard may be a hybrid of the maternal and paternal lines from two different species are interdependent, a phenomenon common in the transition zone. "Thus, the species is in an area and other areas within a certain time to meet and reproduce to form a hybrid," said Lee.

Once the lizard mitochondrial DNA testing, Lee found that the maternal line was a species of lizard Leiolepis guttata. Meanwhile, line paternalnya unknown because of the difficulty to identify paternal lines with mitochondrial DNA. The results of this study published in the journal Zootaxa on 22 April 2010.
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Temperature 10 Trillion Degrees Celsius

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Imagine what it's like the Sun's surface temperature even the sun's core up to trillions of degrees Celsius? Scientists working at the European Nuclear Research (CERN) in fact has recently succeeded in creating a temperature of 10 trillion degrees Celsius in the Earth.

But do not imagine that temperature in an open free Rungan. Such high temperatures created in the reactor Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the giant instrument of high-energy particle accelerator, located on the border of France and Switzerland. This is part of research to understand the formation of the universe that is based on big bang theory.

With the LHC, scientists from several institutions collaborated to do a study to create quark-gluons plasma, one might say a kind of mixture of sub-atomic particles (quarks and gluons) that melts as the temperature is very high. Plasma is made with high-speed crash tin ions simultaneously. Shots that produces a phenomenon called "big bang" mini at the LHC. In a mini big bang, the ball-of-mass fireball high type and a temperature of about 10 trillion degrees Celsius is created.

"At these temperatures, protons and electrons that make up atomic nuclei to melt and produce fire balls of mass type and high temperature plasma gluons called the quark," said David Evans, a researcher from the University of Birmingham who are involved in the mission.

Research on the plasma is very important to understand about the expected plasma formed a millionth of a second after the Big Bang happened 13.7 billion years ago. Through this study, researchers also can learn more about the style of a "binding" of atomic nuclei and determine 98 percent of the mass of the body.

Prior to the study of plasma using the LHC, quark-gluons plasma have also been studied using the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) in Utah, New York, USA. However, researchers who publish their work on February 10, 1010 and had only managed to create plasma with a temperature 4 trillion degrees Celsius.

During the coming week, researchers at CERN will still be trying to learn the results of experiments. After that, they will return to the mission of firing protons which also aims to understand the formation of the universe.
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Rare Bats Found in Sumatra

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Conservation experts from the UK found a rare bat in the jungle of Sumatra. Bats found in known as the barong Ridley (Hipposideros ridleyi), a species classified as threatened with extinction in the list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Species of bats were found in forest fragments that extent only 300 hectares. Fragment is surrounded by oil palm plantations, which opened in the forest area and expanded so that penetrated an important habitat for the survival of endangered animals.

Researchers said the findings showed that even small forest fragments remain valuable to be preserved. The oil palm plantation managers must identify areas in need of preservation.

Forest fragments where the bats invention is part of the forest managed by the owners of oil palm plantations. In order to preserve wildlife, the researchers asked the plantation owners to identify areas in need of preservation.

Furthermore, the researchers said that the network of forest fragments may be appropriate to preserve certain species. "The scientific community must help the business community so that endangered wildlife can still exist in areas that are managed in the long run," said Matthew Struebig of Queen Mary, University of London, one member of the research team.

A discussion of conservation issues and their relation with oil palm plantations made on Tuesday (08/11/2010) in Jakarta.

Sophie Persey of the Zoological Society of London as well as Palm Plantation Project Manager said, "Forest protection is always a priority in conservation. However, if the palm oil expansion program is still being done, then protecting the forest fragments in oil palm plantations also becomes important to maintain Indonesia's biodiversity. "
Baca secara fonetik
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Animals with Largest Testes

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Put your body mass 65 kg. Sure, the size of your testicles will not be up to 10 percent aka 6.5 pounds is not it? However, things are different species obtained by scientists at a cricket named bushcricket (Platycleis affinis). Testicular size crickets it takes 14 percent of his body mass.

"We could not believe the size of these testes. Testicle seemed to fill all parts of the belly of the crickets," said Karim Vahed, behavioral ecologist from Britain's University of Derby.

Testicle size relative to body mass of crickets was crowned as the largest testicular size. Testicular size crickets beat testicular size fruit fly, Drosophila bifurca, which reached 10.6 percent body mass.

Apparently, the phrase "size does matter" also applies in world cricket. Scientists found that a large testicular size was used to attract the opposite sex so that the male can mate with as many females.

Unfortunately, the big testes was only able to produce sperm in smaller amounts. As a result, opportunities for successful egg fertilized females to become increasingly small.

"The size of the large testes have more to do with the number of females who could be married than the number of females that successfully fertilized," said Vahed.

The findings are a bit tenuous at the previous theory. Usually, the females of many species, including monkeys and probably humans, choosing a large male to male bertestis have a greater chance to be fertilized. Testicular size is usually proportional to the number believed to sperm produced.

In connection with the result that, Vahed said, "The message of importance is that we should not expect the same rules for all species because it could be the same, but may also be different." The results of this research published in the journal Biology Letters, Tuesday.
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What is "Wedhus Gembel" ?

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"Wedhus Gembel" aka the sheep is not really a lot of animals reared in the vicinity of Yogyakarta and Central Java. However, the name sounds familiar wedhus trash for residents in the vicinity of Mount Merapi. "Wedhus Gembel" this is not a hairy goat, but nicknames for hot rolling clouds that often accompany the eruption of Merapi.

Citing Investigation and Technology Development Agency Kegunungapian (BPPTK), Merapi hot clouds consist of two parts. First, the rock fragments of various sizes, including the size of dust, and second, the blob of gas temperature 200-700 degrees Celsius.

These two aspects are mixed in a turbulent flow rate of more than 80 miles per hour. Which killed many citizens of the slopes of Merapi some time ago even reach speeds of 200 km per hour while down from the ridge. Volcanic ash cloud spread from the hot flying and deposited by wind magnitude and direction.

Hot clouds sliding distance generally depends on the volume and the formation and move to follow the topography and valley sungai.Volume greater will reach more remote areas due to the influence of momentum and other effects. No wonder when the big eruption, heat clouds can reach up to 15 kilometers. Pyroclastic eruption usually can flow as far more than 8 kilometers from the summit.

In addition to volume, hot clouds sliding distance is also affected by higher temperatures, more gas content, and has a lateral initial velocity at maturity. With more gas conditions and high temperatures, "Wedhus Gembel" certainly destroy anything he encountered. So whoever was around Merapi should not want to meet with the "beast" on this one.
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