Masturbation? Human is Very Smart

Posted by arihermawan4121 on Saturday, November 6, 2010

Until recently, many researchers are still confused and trying to find scientific answers about masturbation habits. The question, in a strategy for survival, is there any scientific reason that living things including humans must maintain a habit of masturbating?

Facts show that the behavior is not only done man masturbating. Many animals also do it with different behaviors. Well, how behavior is masturbation, spy yuk.

1. Elephant
Elephant masturbating by rubbing her genitals to the stone. Hard indeed, but it's probably not a problem for elephants.

2. Hedgehog
By the lust, hedgehogs usually rubbing genitals with food, water, or other items it finds.

3. Squirrel
Male squirrel can masturbate until ejaculation, then eat the results of ejaculation as "genital grooming" aka genital care. Sperm ejaculation results will retain moisture genitals.

4. Tortoise
Turtles masturbating by rubbing his penis against the wall, stone, or other surface.

5. "Walrus" or elephant seals
Perhaps the most unique elephant seals. They used to use the fins to masturbate or her mouth to perform self fellatio oral sex aka independent.

6. Bird
Female birds masturbate by bending his rear wing so that it can touch the cloaca, their reproductive tract. Then, the female birds will rub that part.

7. Horse
Stallion masturbated by rubbing his penis into her lower abdomen. In the meantime, the mare masturbated by rubbing his genitals to another object.

8. Dog
Dogs love to masturbate by rubbing his genitals into other objects, including humans. They also like to lick himself.

9. Human
Humans are very goal oriented in terms of masturbation. According to them, masturbation should always be followed by an orgasm and ejaculation. Because his goal oriented and a variety of ways that they have, said the most intelligent man in masturbating.

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