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Posted by arihermawan4121 on Monday, November 8, 2010

Young Innovator Contest (YIC) 5 which is held by the Indonesian Institute of Science Saturday (6/11/10) has led to one group as the first winner. They are participants of SMU Negeri 4 Denpasar, consisting of Ni Wayan Surya, Insan Yuniari, and Pilar DY Kusumah.

They carry the theme "The Role of Correlation Analysis of Community and Tourists on Sustainability of Coral Reefs in the village of Pemuteran." In this competition, they brought the results of research conducted during September 2010.

Desa Pemuteran, as object of research is a village in North Bali area.

Telling the village, Surya said, "Ten years ago, many village residents that the majority Pemuteran much work as fishermen who use poison to catch fish and potassium, so that damage coral reefs." According to him, it was done because people do not have other employment options. Desa Pemuteran arid land that can not be tilled.

The village began to change when around the year 2000, there are outside parties that educate the public. "At that time there are foreign tourists who come. Tourist officials revealed at Pemuteran village that could be a good tourist attraction, but there should be advance environmental improvement," says solar.

Village officials then communicate these opinions tourists. "The people in there and then became unconscious after hearing the explanation of village officials. They were thinking, if the sea is broken, they were unable to find food from the sea," said Surya.

A program to improve the condition of coral reefs and build strength in Pemuteran then arrange tours. Initially, the program was only implemented from the financial aid of foreign tourists. But eventually some parties such as nongovernmental organizations involved in the program. Its own program designed to involve the local community.

"The program is to make implantation of coral reefs as a package tour. How, tourists are taught mengimplantasi coral reefs. They can also write their names on the base plate are coral reefs, have reports of development and certification," explained the solar system about the program

Thanks to the program, Surya said, people also began tersejahterakan. Many people involved in the management of a tourist attraction as the party who teach make coral reefs and dive equipment rental. From there they can earn a living and ongoing conservation program.

Affirming the story, in a presentation Surya said that the restoration and preservation of coral reefs is closely correlated with the role of the community and tourists. The values adopted by local communities also play a big say in an effort to improve the condition of the village which was originally damaged.

As winners, the three teenagers from Bali will be entitled to a cash prize of Rp 12 million. They have won the competition after going through a presentation and question and answer session is quite stressful with four panelists from the media and NGOs.

Asked one of the panelists about the projection Pemuteran Village as a tourist attraction next 10 years, Surya said, "I'm sure Pemuteran would be a good tourist attraction and can shine."

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