The movement of Tropical Storm Orchid

Posted by arihermawan4121 on Saturday, November 6, 2010

Delivery of aid to tsunami victims in the Mentawai Islands estimated would be hampered in the next few days. This happens because the formation of tropical cyclones in the waters west of Sumatra. This would cause sea waves rising and significant weather changes in the area.

According to data reported by the Tropical Cyclone Warning Center or Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre (its counterpart) Jakarta managed Climatology Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), Monday (11/01/2010), has now formed a storm or tropical cyclone, named Orchid . The storm formed since Sunday.

"The direction of motion of the southeast, the speed of 5 knots (10 km / h), moving away from the territory of Indonesia," according to information on Tropical Cyclone Information Bulletin this morning. This tropical storm is expected to generate an increasingly fast wind with maximum wind speed is 55 knots (100 km / h) tomorrow. In fact, the storm is expected to generate winds up to 130 km / hour on Wednesday. Cyclone is predicted to happen until a week since appeared on Sunday noon.

The impact of tropical storm weather in Indonesia. Orchid tropical cyclone impact of strong winds over 25 knots are expected to occur in the Mentawai Islands, Bengkulu, West Sumatra's west coast, and Lampung.

"Significant wave height more than 3 meters likely occurred in the waters west of the Mentawai Islands west to the waters of Lampung and southern Sunda Strait. Waves significantly more than 4 meters likely occurred in the waters west of Bengkulu," explained BMKG.

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