Panzer "Anoa" Made by Pindad More Intense

Posted by arihermawan4121 on Friday, November 12, 2010

Indo Defense 2010 Exhibition utilized PT Pindad to showcase new products. One of the newest products are APC Anoa V2 6 x 6 which is the latest version of their armored production.

APC Anoa V2 6 x 6 or Armored personnel carriers Anoa V2 6 x 6 is slightly different from previous versions. Sukidi Amd, Assistant Engineering Manager PT Pindad (Persero), Friday (11/12/2010), reveals, "Panzer has several modifications that make it more advanced and convenient than previous versions." He said one of its advantages is the main hole located at the top. Sections were made more rounded and convex in order to maximize the defense function so that when shot, the bullet will bounce.

Another plus is on the side and front protective glass. "Previously, the protective glass and the front side should be opened and closed from the outside. It was difficult. Now, the protective glass and the front side can be opened and closed from the inside," said Sukidi. By operating the side of the protective glass, in addition to more convenient, it also minimizes the risk.

Sukidi explained, the main advantages Anoa V2 is the navigation system. "Anoa V2 has a Remote Control Weapon System that allows the operation of the weapon using a joystick. So, like playing games," he explained. The system was to improve the weaknesses Anoa previous versions which require the operation of weapons manually. It was very easy task according to the army.

Conversely, systems that used only to support the operation automatically now equipped with manual operation capability without eliminating automatic. "Ramdoor which is on the back Anoa also made the manual operation of the system so that when the automated system was damaged, ramdoor still works," said Sukidi. The interior of the Anoa V2 also different from the previous version which consisted of seats can be folded.

Anoa V2 is capable of loading 13 crew, has a length and width of 6000 x 2500 mm and equipped with special equipment, such as GPS and NVG. Communication system using VHF and HF Intercomset System. Meanwhile, the weapon system using a Smoke Shield caliber Armanents 66 mm and 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm. Power versus weight ratio is 22.85 HP, maximum speed 80 km / h, and 9.5-meter turn radius. The engine is 6 cylinder in line with cooled turbocharger and helpless in 320 HP.

Sukidi explained, recently began Anoa V2 was developed about two months ago. "Some time before this Indo Defense starts, Anoa V2 recently completed and sent directly," he said. Currently, that can be enjoyed in Indo Defense Exhibition 2010 is the prototype of the product. With this specification, Anoa V2 marketed especially for the Indonesian National Army. Besides Anoa V2, Pindad also showed off three new armored products, namely Police Panzer, Panzer Canon, and Panzer Mortar.

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