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Posted by arihermawan4121 on Friday, November 12, 2010

India, a country which is known by film and dance, was also reliable in the defense industry. This country is able to create a missile that can beat other missile-production missiles developed countries.

"BrahMos missiles, the name of our production missiles. Advantage, our missile is the world's fastest supersonic missiles at once with high accuracy. The speed can reach 1km/detik," said Praveen Pathak, Addl GM (Marketing Promotion) BrahMos Aerospace, a company that produces this missile in Indo Defence 2010 exhibition at Jakarta Fair on Friday (11/12/2010).

Compared with subsonic missiles being marketed today, Indian-made missile was able to move more quickly 3 times. In addition, mileage can be achieved also can reach 2.5 - 3 times higher than subsonic missiles. And most importantly, power destroyed this missile could reach 9 times more than the popular world of subsonic missiles.

Pathak said, "Another advantage of this missile is its ability to be installed anywhere, from helicopters, planes, ships to submarines." In addition, missile control system capable of undertaking Salvo Firing or firing simultaneously, the target assignment or assignments and make sure the target group of targets both on land and at sea. Salvo on 9 projectile can penetrate and destroy the enemy ship group made up of three frigates with anti-missile defense modern.

The missiles to be launched is installed in the cutter tool. The missile will be delivered complete with the driving force in the Transportation and launch Conister (TLC). Modified version of its air missiles that have a lighter weight but stronger during the launch process.

According to Pathak, the fastest missile production cost is inexpensive when viewed in the long term. "The price of missiles in the first place may not be much different with another missile. But, this missile maintenance cost is much cheaper. You only need maintenance during the missile once in three years, unlike other missiles which require continuous care," said Pathak.

BrahMos Aerospace which manufactures missile itself is a joint venture between Russia and India. However, the development of technology, production processes, labor damn where production originated and carried out in India.

"We chose Russia because they have experience in the matter of the engine, while we have experience in the matter of the system so that we will be able to produce missiles of the most good," said Pathak. Joint Venture itself was started in 1998 and in 2005 succeeded in launching this product.

In general, the missile is superior because a far distance, the bullet curved line width, equipped with anti-defense warships as well as the kinetic energy attached to that help power the ship is damaged.

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