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BOGOR, Parrots in Indonesia who are spread in the Wallacea region are threatened with extinction at various levels. Three of the seven types of parrots are endemic (only found in Indonesia) is an embarrassment cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis), a white cockatoo (Cacatua alba), and Tanimbar cockatoo (Cacatua goffiniana). Meanwhile, the cockatoo yellow-crested (Cacatua sulphurea), who was also present in Timor-Leste, have the highest keterancaman status, which is critical.

Similarly, a press release issued by Indonesian Bird, who signed Fahrul P Amama, Communication and Media Relations Bird Indonesia, on Monday (1/11/2010). Birds of Indonesia or Indonesian Wild Bird Conservation Society is a nonprofit organization that works with Bird Life International (based in UK) which focuses on job preservation of bird species threatened with extinction.

In a press release that explained, Indonesia as a country with high biological richness perched in first place as the country with the number of bird species threatened with extinction and most widely due to excessive exploitation. Various types of parrots are exported to other parts of Indonesia to meet human pleasure. The earliest records in the 15th century, there was the first cockatoo transportation to Europe via the waters of the archipelago which was then called the East Indies.

In addition to arrests and international trade are not paying attention to the sustainability of populations to recover, the types of parrots and other crooked beak in Indonesia still have to face the threat of forest openings for other functions. Each year, in the period 2006 to 2009, deforestation rates reached 31 million hectares per year.

The three types of parrots that it is can also be found in secondary forests or forests that have undergone the process of logging. In fact, the white cockatoo is considered quite tolerant to forest modification. However, all three in desperate need of natural forest cover with canopy cover tightly, especially the availability of large trees as nests.

IBA 227

Bird Life International as the scientific authority of The World Conservation Union (IUCN) for all species of birds in the world rate, three of the seven types of cockatoos in Indonesia is facing the threat of extinction. The three types of parrots are facing a variety of pressures that can destroy their populations in the wild.

For that, as a conservation organization with the largest partnership network, Bird Life International to develop a conservation program based on accepted standards and criteria and can be applied globally. These conservation programs not only recognize, document, and protect critical network areas for birds, but also against other living resources. The program is known as an Important Bird Area (IBA) or Important Areas for Birds (IBA).

With the 227 important bird areas (excluding New Guinea), Indonesia has the IBA / IBA largest in Southeast Asia, followed by Philippines (117 IBA) and Vietnam (63 IBA). Areas important for birds in Indonesia spread across Java and Bali (53 DPB), Nusa Tenggara (43 DPB), Sumatra (40 DPB), Maluku (36 DPB), Sulawesi (32 DPB), and Kalimantan (23 DPB).

In general, half bent in Asia and Latin America now also facing a similar threat. Since the mid-17th century to early 19th century, accounting for nineteen species have disappeared crooked beak. Hunting as a feed and pet is suspected as the main causes. Other factors causing the extinction of crooked beak is introduced mammals and the loss of natural forest cover.

Parrot is a bird group that is easily recognizable from its physical characteristics: part of a more curved and strong, and type zygodactyl toes (two toes forward and two pointing backwards.) Unlike the other crooked beak, the group has crested cockatoo and the dominant coat color that is less diverse, such as white, black, ash, and combinations.

Scientifically, they are divided into three groups, namely Cacatuinae (cockatoo), Calyptorhynchinae (black cockatoo), and Nymphicinae (Cockatiel).

Cockatoo diversity center located in tropical Australasia (Australia, Papua, and Wallacea). Of the 21 types of parrots in the world, Indonesia has 7 species. Three types of them exist only on Indonesia.

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