Indonesia and Two Tropical Storm

Posted by arihermawan4121 on Saturday, November 6, 2010

Since March 24, 2008, the International Meteorological Organization or the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has given the authority to Indonesia, as one of the countries monitor tropical storms. That is why in recent years, the names of tropical storms near Indonesia no longer use foreign names, but with the term Indonesian.

"There are 7 regions in the world where tropical storms are common. In every region, WMO pointed to several countries to play a role in supervising and giving warnings on the threat of hurricanes and named storms were found. Indonesia is one of the designated country," said Fahri Radjab A , Chairman of the Sub Division of Tropical Cyclone, Tropical Cyclone Warning Center (and its counterpart), Climatology Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), Jakarta.

Apart from Indonesia, some designated countries are Australia and Japan. Each has its own control region which is determined WMO. Indonesia for instance, the international scope has an area supervisor of 0 degrees latitude to 10 degrees south latitude and 90 degrees east longitude to 141 degrees east longitude. Meanwhile, Australia for example, has an area of control after 10 degrees south latitude.

Fahri revealed, it might be different control regions nationally and internationally. "Internationally, Indonesia is not obliged to monitor the storm near Aceh in the north of the equator, or 0 degrees. Jepanglah who has the authority overseeing Aceh. But, nationally, Indonesia still have it because Aceh is part of the country," he said in an interview with Kompas Fahri . com, Tuesday (2/1/2010).

During the 2 years of their duties, and its counterpart, has managed to find and name the two tropical storms that are in its control area. The first tropical storm that was found was Hurricane Durga, was found a month after officially started work and its counterpart, namely on April 24, 2008. The storm was found in waters west of Sumatra, where Tropical Storm Orchids are now found. Meanwhile, the second tropical storm was Hurricane Orchid found, was discovered on October 31, 2010.

And its counterpart, as one oversight agency tropical storm until now continue to publish the results of monitoring data. "The data is updated once rather than 24, but 12 hours once. We report on the web and include all possibilities that happen," said Fahri who since 2008 was involved in the activity of its counterpart. Results supervision along with information about the potential dangers that can be viewed on the website BMKG.

In conducting surveillance, and its counterpart, must do the observation on some data. And its counterpart on land surface observations and satellite-based observations. For satellite-based observations, Indonesia using 4 kinds of satellite, namely MTSAT, NOA, Feng Yun, and Microwave. "The whole is not ours but we can use it as a receiver to receive the data that exist," said Fahri.

In addition to observing the data, and monitoring of tropical cyclones is also done by estimating the probability that weather the storm and its characteristics can be calculated with the formula.

International cooperation in warning against storms memberika done with no charge on the data submitted. "All of the satellites that belong to certain countries, but data that is sent free of charge. We only charge a fee for providing his receivers," said Fahri. Through such cooperation, one of which would target is to invite the public to be alert to the possibility of a tropical hurricane.

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