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Posted by arihermawan4121 on Friday, November 12, 2010

Indo Defence 2010 exhibition held from 10 to 13 November 2010 at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. One of the local participants who showcased their products are PT Imani Prima vessel monitoring programs that showcase named Aissat Prime.

The program monitors the ship was used to monitor the presence of ships in a region. "With this program, we can monitor where the ship is located, name of ship, boat serial number, flag state ships and ship speed. So to say this program is better able to monitor more detail than radar," said Firdaus Adinugraha, Imani Prima staff.

Aissat Prime consists of three types of products, namely prime port, sat on a prime, and M2 Prime. The port used to serve the needs of prime and basic data for free, sat on a prime minister needs a more detailed data and paid time while m2 is used to serve the needs of special data request.

"This technology is actually the utilization of technology AIS or Automatic Identification System which is owned by every ship," said Eden. Technology allows each vessel to transmit the data to other ships and satellites to transmit data to its existence.

With Prime Aissat technology, these data are processed and displayed on the consumers with more communicative. "The data item that was used programming language. Well, with this technology the data is made to be more communicative," said paradise.

Today, Prime Aissat technology that has been applied widely is Port Prime. Data data processed by these technologies have been exploited by the Indonesian Maritime Security Coordinating Board and even the Chinese used to detect the hijacking of a ship.

Application teknoloigi Port Prime begins with the installation of the antenna and sending data at the port. "Antennae itself is relatively inexpensive, can be purchased at Glodok even. Meanwhile, the process of sending data to a server in Jakarta is done with the technology available in the area. If for example a GPRS, yes that's what we use," said Eden.

Until now, the installation of assistive technologies Prime Port has been available in some areas in Indonesia and abroad. "There are 12 regions in Indonesia and abroad in Greece, China, and Singapore," said Eden. Monitoring point in the east Inbdonesia already in Bali and Sulawesi.

Firdaus said the relatively inexpensive technology that can actually be useful is great. "For example we want to detect a ship accident, we can also use this technology, provided that the ship has AIS technology. Currently, AIS technology is required on all ships," said Eden. According to him, China was bahkab never use this technology to detect sea vessel that was hijacked, and succeeded.

Currently, he wanted to develop its products to the Port Prime Jayapura. Meanwhile, others such as the M2 version of Prime and Prime Sun is also still being developed. To Sat Prime, he worked with Orbcomm International for the provision of satellite data. Until now, he masihb trying to offer their products can be used for the Navy.

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