Guide Cleaning Volcanic Ash

Posted by arihermawan4121 on Friday, November 12, 2010

Currently, Mount Merapi may still show activity, but it subsided, it's time to clean house and volcanic ash on the environment. Before cleaning, there are some things that must be addressed. Do not indiscriminate because the volcanic ash contains elements that are harmful to the body and the environment.

Here is a guide to clean volcanic ash in various places around your home. Guide information obtained under the International Volcanic Health Hazard Network (IVHHN).

Things to do in cleaning the ash out of the room:
1. Plan a day to community service cleaning the ash with neighbors or your community. Remember, coordination should be done.
2. Try to coordinate with certain agencies about how volcanic ash disposal.
3. Always wear a dust mask. If there is, wear a mask IVHHN recommended.
4. Wear sunglasses to protect eyes from volcanic ash. Do not wear contact lenses.
5. Dampen ash in advance with the splash before acquiring them with a shovel. However, do not add too much water.
6. Do not wipe dry ash. Abu-swept can be mixed with air that can be harmful if inhaled.
7. Collect the ashes in a plastic bag that is strong enough. If there is a container truck, collect directly to the truck.
8. Volcanic ash makes a slippery surface. Be careful when cleaning ash in the ladder or roof.
9. Avoid throwing ashes into the gutters, sewers, water lines, or park. Ash can clog the water channels.
10. If the ashes are also found in the gutter or channel of water, then wipe.
11. Do not mix the volcanic ash with other wastes. Volcanic ash can damage the garbage trucks that bring your trash.
12. Change clothes that have been used to clean the ash before re-entering the house.

This must be done to clean up the volcanic ash in the room
1. Make sure the outside of the room is cleared before starting the clean the inside of the room.
2. Ensure good ventilation by opening all doors and windows before you start cleaning.
3. Use one of the entrances to avoid contamination in the area had been cleaned.
4. Do not forget to keep using the mask.
5. No need to get children and pets during the clean up of volcanic ash. Put them in a safe place.
6. Moisten the ash had stuck to the floor. After that collect in a plastic bag that is strong enough.

7. If you want clean clothes and curtains, first suction vacuum cleaner with volcanic ash. After that, wash with regular detergent without rubbing too hard. Scrubbing will damage the fabric because of sharp volcanic ash particles.

8. Clean clothes bit by bit with enough water. Washing clothes takes a lot of detergent.

9. If you want to clean surfaces made of glass, porcelain, enamel, and acrylic surfaces, use a sponge or cloth that has been moistened with detergent water mixture. Avoid rubbing, just wipe with a way of greasing. Rubbing makes it scratched the surface.

10. If you want to clean the surface of polished wood, used to suck dust with a vacuum cleaner. After that, clean with a damp cloth with a way of greasing.

11. If you want to clean the floor, first wet the ashes and collect the ashes into a plastic bag that is strong enough. After that, mop with a clean cloth and wet.

12. If you want to clean electronic equipment, turning off the electricity supply to the appliance. After that, clean with a vacuum cleaner.

13. Do not use a fan brush and floor sweeper for cleaning. It can make the ash into the air.

14. A few months after cleaning, air conditioners and filters should be treated. Always so clean the stove and refrigerator, particularly in the airways.

15. Wash cloth used to wash the goods under running water. Do not be rubbed or scrubbed.
16. Clean room several times a day if the weather is hot.

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