Add Smart with electric shocks

Posted by arihermawan4121 on Tuesday, November 9, 2010

With a little electrical current flow to the brain for 15 minutes, the ability of people in mathematics can be improved. Scientists at the University of Oxford, England, has managed to do that and make one's mathematical ability to survive for 6 months.

The scientists used a stimulation technique uses an electrical current that is channeled directly through the shell to supply power to parts of the brain used to process the numbers (parietal lobe).

Participants were asked to learn the symbols that represent numbers. Then, as long as they receive an electric current, they were asked to organize these figures. Participants are given the stimulation has a greater ability than participants in completing the task without stimulation. Remarkably, when the test performed 6 months later, the ability is still there.

The scientists claim to be doing research again. "The next study will involve people who are weak in mathematics," said scientists from the University of Oxford. They also said this research will help 20 percent of people who have math skills below average and may also be applied in fields other than mathematics.

Scientists have warned for not trying in this way without
supervision of experts and professionals. Large electrical currents
poured into the body can not be arbitrary because it can damage organs. (National Geographic)

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