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Posted by arihermawan4121 on Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ikeya Murakami

A new comet, named "Ikeya Murakami" (C/2010 V1) was recently discovered by a Japanese amateur astronomer. Following up on that discovery, a Russian astronomer named Leonid Elenin trying to observe the comet using a telescope-NIM Ison located in New Mexico, USA.

"Shortly after the observations, C/2010 V1 looks like a ball of light, invisible image details," said Elenin after making his first observation as reported by, Monday (08/11/2010). However, after several days of observation, the exterior of the comet's head disappeared. "I was disappointed.'s Comet was very quick to change," said Elenin.

However, Elenin managed to see the inside of the head of the comet or coma. "I can see the inside of the comet's head. Appearance as a comet 17P/Holmes after its explosion in 2007. I also can see a long tail and bright," said Elenin.

Comet Ikeya Murakami in the observations appear to be near Saturn's rings. Luca Buzzi and Andrea Aletti from GV Schiaparelli Astronomical Observatory managed to capture the comet with the planet Saturn on November 5, 2010.

"I am very impressed with the discovery of this amateur," said Buzzi respond to the discovery of this amateur. He who at that time was doing routine tasks at the center of his observations said, "This discovery is very nice. In the modern era that a lot of research is dominated by large, there are amateur discovery."

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